Null Statue is a stereoscopic 3D-animation. In it temporary abstract statues become momentarely alive only in time, not space. Crude oil is thrown against invisible objects and the camera rotates around the splash. 2015

  Relentless is a video work about the end of love and end of the world. When you are young, you think that when love ends, the world ends. When you get older, you understand that, unfortunately, the world doesn’t [...]

The goddess of revenge, Nemesis (Νεμεσις) delivers a merciless punishment to those who succumb to hubris: the arrogance and indifference of the human kind. The name can be translated as ‘to give what is due.’ In popular culture and everyday [...]

A Feast with King Midas  is a 3,5 minutes long video work that deals with mortality, the overuse of our natural resources and the  cockiness of the human psyche. It is also a current interpretation of the Vanitas-topic – the [...]

Tears of Bytes (working title) is a work about use of digital mediums and their futility and fragility in  relationships. We use digital tools such as Skype and Facebook to be in contact with our loved ones. Yet changes in [...]

Race Code is a emergent photography based installation that tackles with the issues of race, culture and perceptions of one’s self. It is a computer program that tries to mimic the inner “selective” feelings that humans have towards each other. [...]

The Long Journey Home is an artwork about refugees and the human need for a home. In the current political climate where the right-wing parties are gaining strength all around Europe, we forget that even our own people have experienced [...]

Unfit is a installation and dance performance together with choreographer Anna Mustonen, sound artist Heidi Soidinsalo, dancers Saara Töyrylä and Masi Tiitta and fashion designers Jasmin Mishima and Federico Cabrera. I directed, shot and edited two experimental shorts for the [...]

What goes up, must come down. A dance video made for Heli Meklin’s dance performance “Simple Events“. Public screenings: International Dancefilmfestival Brussels (BE). 2013. Recontres Internationales Berlin (DE). 2013. Cinedans – Dance on Screen (NL). 2013. Attakkalari India Biennial (INDIA). [...]

An average Finnish family owns more than 10,000 different objects. I personally own 3,280 objects. Self-Portrait is a photographic project for which I photographed every object that I own. Every spoon, every vinyl record, every sock, every pen. Every single [...]